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Beer filled USB. Awesome!

This amazing electronic data storage device is filled with "IMITATION BEER and FOAM", has 2GB of storage, red flash, PC compatible, MAC compatible, rewritable, made of clear vue plastic, and is obviously portable.

Beer filled USB. Awesome!Our life like "FOAM" particles will not dissipate, and the golden liquid will not fade from daylight use. 
When inserted into any USB  port, you are ready to upload, download, store, and transfer any file.  Perfect for MP3 files, to view videos, and to run any of your applications. 
Beer filled USB. Awesome!
For quantities of 24 or more, custom pad printing is available for up to 4 colors on one side.  The "BEER FILLED" USB measures 3 1/8" long  x 1 1/4" wide and the printing area is 1 1/2" long x .5" wide.