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Thread Charts
Here is a good reference guide for you to get started on your order.   In that way we can be on the "same page" as we prepare your sample.  We can also cross reference a Madeira thread chart if you have one.  Your final approval will be made from our email or physical samples of your submitted orders.  The samples below are a very good start to accomplishing the best match for your emblem or chenille.  Changes can be made at no charge before production.
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THREAD CARD 1 : Pick your threads!THREAD CARD 2 : Pick your threads!THREAD CARD 3 : Pick your Threads!THREAD CARD 4 : Pick your threads!
TWILL CHART 1 : Pick your twill.TWILL CHART 2 : Pick your twill.TWILL CHART 4 : Pick your twill.CHENILLE FELT CHART
CHENILLE CHART 1 : Pick your yarns.CHENILLE CHART 2 : Pick your yarns.CHENILLE CHART 3 : Pick your yarns.